Drive Safe Cedar Valley Featured on KWWL

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By , August 26, 2010 4:32 pm

Drive Safe Cedar Valley spokespeople, Nick Anderson of the Waterloo Fire Department, and Corbin Payne of the Waterloo Police Department, are featured on KWWL. Both spokespeople discuss theimportance of good driving habits and why it’s important to form these habits early. Drive Safe Cedar Valley is the first traffic safety awareness program in Iowa.

View the coverage from the newscast here: Drive Safe Cedar Valley

Driven to Distraction: New Study Released on Teens and Distracted Driving

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By , August 2, 2010 8:49 pm

A new study by Seventeen Magazine and AAA reveals that many teens – in fact 86% – admit to driving while distracted. Distracted driving includes behaviors that could distract a driver, such as texting, eating, talking on a cell phone, changing the music on an iPod, and carrying several passengers. 6,000 teens die each year as a result of motor vehicle crashes.

Included in the survey’s findings are the following:

  • Drivers ages 18-19 are more likely to engage in distracted driving than those 16-17.
  • Teens gave researchers startling reasons why they engage in distracted driving: it takes only a split second (41%); they don’t think they’ll get hurt (35%); it makes driving less boring (22%); and they’re used to being connected to people all the time (21%).
  • Teens driving their own vehicles are more prone to distracted driving than those who share an automobile with others. For instance, 20% of teens who share vehicles had texted while driving, compared with 35% of teens with their own cars. (Source)

Watch the Today Show report below for the full story on this dangerous behavior.

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