By , August 18, 2017 11:12 am

20 MPH SPEED LIMIT:  A Lower speed limit is good for at least 2 things. 1) When bikes and cars run at closer speeds there is less chance of an accident. 2) The accident will be less severe. Accidents are still more dangerous for bicycles. Everyone must be careful and mind the cyclists.

PARKING PROTECTED BIKE LANE: Bicycles ride close to the curb. Cars will park between the bicycle lane and  automobile traffic. Parked cars put a distance between the bike and the moving cars.

PARKING IS NOT NEXT TO THE CURB: Parking is not next to the curb. After a driver parks his car he has to cross the bicycle path to reach the sidewalk.  He has to watch out for bicyclists.  Same is true when the driver goes back to his car.

BICYCLE LANE ENDS CLOSE TO THE INTERSECTIONS: Bikers should be extra careful when approaching an intersection. Bicyclists might either cross paths with cars or share the road with cars.

RIGHT TURN LANE FOR CARS: To make sure that right turning cars don’t have a cyclist on their right, an exclusive right turn pocket for the cars is created.  This reduces the likelihood of a right hook car-bicycle crash. There is a new conflict point between cars and bicycles where the cars change lanes.

CARS YIELD TO BIKES WHEN TURNING RIGHT:  At the end of the bike lane right turning cars must yield to cyclists.

SHIFTING CENTER LINE: The center lines shift through some intersections. The chicane in alignment will help the drivers drive at or below the speed limit.

BUFFER STRIP: There is a buffer strip between the bike lane, parked cars and moving cars.

SHARROW: This is where the bicyclists share the road with cars. Bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as the drivers.

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