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Have a Safe 2012 New Year’s Eve

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By , December 28, 2011 12:25 pm

Fourth of July traffic crackdown starts today

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By , July 2, 2010 8:00 am

Tens of thousands of Iowans will be hitting the road this week for the 4th of July holiday. Not only will law enforcement be enforcing Iowa’s new cell phone law banning texting and more while behind the wheel, but they will be in full force across the state to crack down on drunk drivers, distracted drivers, speeders and other traffic violators.

Read the full news release issued by the Iowa Department of Public Safety (IDPS) below:

In conjunction with the Fourth of July holiday period, Iowa law enforcement agencies are announcing they will again be out in full force starting July 2nd through the 5th, cracking down on impaired drivers and other traffic violators to prevent crashes and save lives.

With hopes of warmer weather and an extended weekend, law enforcement will gear up for the 4th of July weekend. In addition to speed and seat belt violators, they will target drunk drivers. “Driving while drunk isn’t worth the tremendous risk,” said Larry Sauer, Bureau Chief at the Iowa Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau. “No matter your age, if you’ve had too much holiday spirit, you’d better find a safe and sober ride home or your chances of arrest are high.”

Sauer cited recent statistics to underscore the importance of the crackdown. “According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) during the 2008 July 4th holiday period (6:00 p.m. Thursday July 3rd to 5:59 a.m. Monday July 7th), our nation recorded a total of 491 traffic-related deaths.”

Although Iowa had only 2 traffic fatalities in 2009, our 10-year average for this holiday period is 5. “Too many people still fail to understand that not buckling up, not driving the speed limit and driving impaired leads to loss of lives. It’s vitally important that we bring this tragic situation to an end,” said Sauer. “The cost of not obeying these and other traffic laws could be your life or the life of a loved one.”

During the 2009 July sTEP wave (special Traffic Enforcement Program), 237 agencies had contact with 472 alcohol/drug impaired drivers, 1,465 seat belt violators and 6,435 speed violators. In all, more than 16,200 traffic violations were recorded. Beyond these violations, officers assisted 844 motorists, investigated 344 traffic crashes and apprehended 143 wanted persons.

Driving out of town for the Fourth of July? Leave us a comment, or weigh in on our poll below.

Has a drinking and driving incident changed your life?

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By , April 26, 2010 10:00 am

Nick Anderson has responded to many preventable tragedies on the road as an EMT in the Cedar Valley.

Without a doubt, drinking and driving is a dangerous – and oftentimes deadly – combination. As a firefighter and EMT for Waterloo Fire Rescue, I’ve seen first-hand the tragedies caused by unsafe driving habits.

One incident I’ll never forget happened during one of my shifts. We were dispatched to the scene of a crash that involved a young drunk driver who was killed after running their vehicle off of the road.

Another incident I responded to involved a motorcycle crash that resulted in a fatality. It was later determined that alcohol was a factor in the crash.

Too often, drivers and innocent passengers and bystanders lose their lives due to drunk driving. But these tragedies can be prevented. Together, by practicing safe driving habits, we can change the culture of driving in the Cedar Valley.

Do you know someone who has been involved in or affected by a crash caused by alcohol? How has it changed your life? Leave a comment and share your story.

Media spotlight shines on driving safety

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By , April 21, 2010 4:40 pm

The word is out. Drive Safe Cedar Valley – and new campaign spokesperson Nick Anderson – are on a mission to save lives. The Courier shared that news with the Cedar Valley this week. Read the article here – and help us spread the word to encourage safe driving habits!

As part of his commitment to safety awareness, Nick wants to know what worries you most – whether it’s texting, drinking and driving, or pedestrian and bike safety in the Cedar Valley. Is there a busy intersection or street in the Cedar Valley that concerns you? What kind of safety measures do you take behind the wheel? Leave a comment. Share your ideas. Because our lives are in your hands. And together, we can make the Cedar Valley a safer place to drive and live.