Why Safe Driving Matters

One death is one too many.

Traffic accidents in the Waterloo-Cedra Falls metropolitan area are responsible for about five deaths every year. Hundreds of needless mutilations, disfiguring, injuries, and a significant amount of property damage happen during an average year. In addition, the Waterloo metropolitan area has more pedestrian-vehicle incidents than other areas of the state. Accidents cost the taxpayer money in form of fire and police services.

In 2009, 60% of local traffic-related fatalities were related to driver-induced activity or alcohol. The remaining 40% were due to driver behavior and mechanical failure. In fact, close to 1,500 intersections in the Cedar Valley, recognized by the Iowa Department of Transportation, have a history of traffic-related accidents and fatalities. More than 1,000 of those are in Waterloo, and more than 440 are in Cedar Falls. They are listed on the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Statewide Intersection Safety Improvement Candidate Location (SICL) List. In Waterloo, six of those intersections are among the top 200 in the state for accidents and fatalities.

Surviving is life changing.

One serious injury is also one too many. Fortunately, with the advances of modern medicine, many crash victims are surviving accidents. Those victims have to bear the burden of injuries, resulting in new disabilities and handicaps. Being a survivor of a tragic accident is life changing.

It’s our community. It’s our responsibility.

Traffic accidents and fatalities affect everyone in the community. It is the personal responsibility of every citizen in the Cedar Valley that gets behind the wheel to become accountable for the safety of themselves and others.

Get back to the basics of safety.

A change in the culture of driving must take place to change the safety on the roads in the Cedar Valley. Tips and techniques must teach everyone to get back to the basics of safety. Every citizen of the Cedar Valley – driver, passenger or pedestrian – can implement basic safety choices that could ultimately save their life or the lives of others.

Partnership for a safer Cedar Valley.

The City of Waterloo and residents of the Cedar Valley need leaders like you in our community as partners with Drive Safe Cedar Valley to stand up for safer roadways. Join the many who believe in traffic safety, and remember this program in your charitable contributions.

New approaches. Better outcomes.

The contributions of local organizations will lead to a coordinated effort to improve the safety of our entire community. Take ownership in helping create safer roadways and safer neighborhoods in the community where you live, work and play. Your contributions make a difference by providing community education and awareness.

Help set the standard.

This is the first localized, self-sustained traffic safety program to be implemented in the state of Iowa. By joining this mission with your donation, you will be helping set precedence for other communities in the state to follow. This program will literally become a benchmark for other communities hoping to improve their roadways.