Vision Zero Webinar

Recorded October 27, 2021


The Vision Zero Webinar aims to bring state and national experts together to raise awareness on traffic safety. Our goal is to make Waterloo a Vision Zero city. The focus of this event will be to provide insight from other experts with cities that have a Vision Zero strategy. 

Meet Our Speakers

Leah Shahum

Director and Founder

Vision Zero Network

Ethan Fawley

Program Coordinator

City of Minneapolis
Vision Zero Program

Ian Thomas

State and Local Program Director

America Walks

Tracey Bramble

Information Specialist

Iowa DOT

Joanne Tinker

Program Evaluator & State Traffic Records Coordinator

Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau

Kyle Durant

Transportation Planner II

Iowa Northland Regional Council of Governments

What is Vision Zero?

An accident is defined as “an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.” Each year, more than 40,000 people die on American streets and thousands more suffer severe injuries. We’ve often referred to these as “accidents” and accepted the ensuing sufferings — personal, emotional, and economical — as a reality of modern life. The truth of the matter is that traffic accidents are preventable.

Vision Zero is a strategy to eliminate ALL traffic fatalities and severe injuries. It was first implemented in Sweden in the 1990s and is gaining momentum in the United States, with many cities mobilizing to address ways to ensure safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all road users through leadership, data analyzation, community engagement, engineering, and safety resources.  

Vision Zero brings together leaders in local government, public health, traffic engineering, police enforcement, policymakers, community leaders, and the private sector with innovative approaches, policies, and practices to prioritize safety for all and achieve a shared goal of zero fatalities and severe injuries.

Why Is A Vision Zero Initiative Important?

When the Swedish architects of Vision Zero set zero as the “only justifiable fatality target for road traffic” that was an aggressive and bold vision. “Zero” is the operative word.

A Vision Zero initiative will bring zero fatalities into center stage, raise public attention, and prepare the ground for further possible Vision Zero planning and action plans for the City of Waterloo and contiguous cities. The goal to end traffic fatalities and injuries will require all hands on deck.

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