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Welcome to the Drive Safe Cedar Valley website, the online hub for the safety awareness program dedicated to changing the culture of driving in the Cedar Valley. Our mission is to educate and encourage drivers in our communities to drive safer – and smarter. Here, you can learn more about our mission and how you can help, as well as news and events, media information and other informational resources to raise public awareness about safe driving locally.

In the Waterloo metropolitan area alone, automobile crashes are responsible for five deaths, hundreds of needless injuries and a significant amount of property damage over the course of an average year. Most of these crashes stem from a wide range of unsafe driving practices or safety issues that are unknown, forgotten or simply overlooked by Cedar Valley drivers.

As the first public awareness program of its kind in Iowa, the goal of Drive Safe Cedar Valley is to change the culture of driving in our communities. We are taking this message literally out to the streets, with dedicated spokespeople, special events, targeted education programs and a variety of other public awareness initiatives designed to highlight community-wide safe-driving issues.

Drive Safe Cedar Valley is a partnership between the City of Waterloo, the Iowa Department of Transportation and INRCOG. We think it’s time for Cedar Valley drivers to be reminded of and practice the basics of safe driving. And it’s time all drivers realize that every time we get behind the wheel, the lives of others are in our hands.

What are you doing to stay safe on the road? What intersections do you find dangerous or problematic in your neighborhood? Weigh in. Share your stories and concerns. Send us feedback. Help spread the safety message. Because safe driving matters.

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April 7, 2017
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