| Mohammad Elahi

Walking and Biking Area Improvements

There has currently been a lot of construction happening on University Avenue to Commercial Street.

In Downtown Waterloo, the City has been working to complete the Highway 63 and the Jefferson/ Commercial Street project.

There has been a lot of work going into Highway 63 to create more landscaping and trail systems in the area.

As for the Jefferson/ Commercial Street area, the two-year project is finally coming to an end with the addition of more sidewalks and bike lanes, that will create a pedestrian-friendly area.

With the current work going into Jefferson, Commercial will be an additional focus for this year. However, it is believed that the project should not take that long. The project aims to add a recreational trail aspect to landscaping to make it more pedestrian friendly.

The city was able to obtain a $1.2 million grant from Blackhawk Gaming to finish the Jefferson/ Commercial Street project.

It is advised that drivers plan out routes ahead of time with all the construction taking place.

For more information, visit KWWL.

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