| Mohammad Elahi

Waterloo Red Light Additions

The Waterloo Police Department will be adding more traffic and speed cameras to the city as an effort to expand their Automated Traffic Program.
The cameras will be installed in the following intersections:

  • Ansborough and Ridgeway Ave
  • San Marnan and LaPorte Rd
  • Franklin and E. 5th Street (Southbound)
  • Franklin and E. 6th Street (Northbound)
  • Mitchell and Washington St
  • Highway 218 and Broadway (North and Southbound traffic)

Waterloo currently has cameras installed in the following intersections:

  • Highway 63 and Ridgeway Ave
  • San Marnan and Shoppers Blvd
  • Parker and Broadway
  • Washington and W. 6th
  • Washington and 11th
  • Williston and Baltimore

Drivers will only receive issue warnings for the first 30 in order to allow them to get used to the new changes. Once those 30 days up, citations will be given. However, the fines by the Automated Traffic System will not be added to a motorists driving record or insurance.

The camera system will be installed in early July. For more information, please visit KWWL.

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