Changing Your Driving Habits Could Save Lives

As a driver in the Cedar Valley, it is your responsibility to do your part in preventing automobile crashes. Who knows? You may one day help to save a life – maybe even your own.

Children Are Future Drivers

Start talking to children about safe driving behavior very early in their lives, as young as 5 years old. By the time they are teenagers it will be much harder to influence them.  Traffic fatalities are number one killer of teenagers. Protect your child in the future by making routine conversations about traffic safety now.

Get Back To Safety Basics

The following tips and statistics are from the NHTSA, Traffic Safety Marketing & National Center for Injury Prevention and Control.

Use Restraint

38 % of children who died in 2019 while riding in passenger vehicles were unrestrained, compared to 33% in 2018.

Don’t Drink Alcohol

Alcohol-related deaths account for 41% of total traffic fatalities or an average of one every 30 minutes.

Don’t Drive While Fatigued

In the past five years, 1.35 million drivers involved in a car crash attributed it to drowsiness.

Maintain Your Car

Neglected maintenance leads to 2,600 deaths annually, nearly 100,000 disabling injuries, and more than $2 billion in lost wages, medical expenses and property damage.

Observe The Speed Limit

26% of all crash fatalities – more than 9,000 deaths – occurred in speed-related crashes in 2019.

Don’t Be Distracted

In 2019, there were 6,205 pedestrians killed in traffic crashes – one every 85 minutes; and an estimated 76,000 pedestrians were injured – one every 7 minutes.

Emphasize Safety Among Younger Drivers

In 2019, 2,375 teenagers (ages 13-19) died in the United States from crash injuries. Such injuries are one of the leading causes of death in this age group.
Red light running happens frequently and can be deadly. In 2019, 846 people were killed in crashes that involved red light running.

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